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January 06 2017

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A hero of clan Ulfrung, rivals to House Leo, blessed by her gods.

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November 08 2016

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July 14 2016

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Gunslinger tattoo from the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Done at Collective Tattoo Society in Kalispell, Montana

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When you do a perception check and discover nothing, but the DM looks gleeful..

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A fourth collection of cyberpunk women.

See the other collections here.

“Veritas Amara Libertas” - Truth is a bitter freedom.

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Remember, corporate “loves” you.

July 05 2016

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Thief by Bogdan MRK




If Snow White literally had “lips red as a rose, hair black as ebony, and skin white as snow,” she’d look like a walking nightmare.

honestly this sounds like the description of a vampire. Which would also explain how she convinced seven dwarves to let her stay with them. How she could control some animals to do her bidding. How she could sleep for a long time without aging. Why the hunter betrayed the queen for her, and why the queen wanted her heart, so she could be sure she was killed properly. 

Shit, THIS is a retelling I want to read.

Snow, apples, glass by Neil Gaiman. That is the story.

June 27 2016









tfw you start making pancakes and then realize you don’t have any eggs and your life is ruined as a result 

You can use bananas as an egg substitute in pancakes I’m pretty sure it’s half a banana for each egg or something

You can also use blood but I wouldn’t recommend that tbh.

Does this help ?


I have a vegan friend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m too poor to go out and buy eggs but some weirdo gave me a bag of flaxseed as a gift and now I can actually use it for something :O

Mayonnaise can also be used as a sub. I believe it’s one Tablespoon = 1 egg. 

1k Follower Giveaway


Hey guys, remember that giveaway I was going to do forever ago that I keep forgetting to post? Here it is!

(I’m really sorry for it taking so long. I kept remembering about it while I was at work or out of town, and wanted to wait until I could put up pictures of everything, but then I’d forget by the time I got home. So I’m just posting it without pictures and I’ll attach the pictures to this post later!)

So, here’s the “rules” for everything.

  • To enter into the giveaway you only need to like and/or repost this giveaway post. Your name will be entered for reblogging, and your name will be entered for liking, meaning you can have a MAXIMUM of 2 entries! Multiple reblogs will not enter you multiple times, and will not allow you to win multiple times.
  • You must be following my blog. I want this giveaway to be rewarding those who have followed my blog, so if you like/reblog and are not a follower of mine by the close of the giveaway, you’re disqualified.
  • On the day of the announcement of who has won, I will message the winners personally to get inforation. You have a week to respond with the information to ship your winnings. If you have not responded within the week, I will pick a new winner instead.
  • You must have an adress to have items shipped to - if you’re not okay with giving me that personal information (name and adress) then do not enter (don;t worry - future giveaways will not involve physical products like this one does)

Winners will be announced on July 25th. You will be tagged in the post announcing that you won as well as what you’ve won. After that I will message you to get your information. Below are the “winnings”

1st Place will recieve

  • A 7-Die set of Chessex Dice (Black-Gold/silver Gemini)
  • A large, crocheted gold and black striped dice bag* (Holds 50 dice)
  • A water-color Chibi portrait of your OC

2nd Place will recieve

  • A 7-Die set of Chessex Dice (Blue-Teal/gold Gemini)
  • A medium, crocheted blue/green/purple dice bag* (Holds 20 dice)

3rd Place will recieve

  • A set of 12 D6 Chessex Dice (Magenta w/ Gold Borealis)
  • A small, crocheted red and gold dice bag* (Holds 10 dice)

4th Place will recieve

  • A small, crocheted black dice bag* (Holds 10 dice)

*Dice bags are hand crocheted by my prsonal friend Saki. She is willing to take comissions for these bags, so if you’re interested you may send me a message to discuss prices and options.

If you don’t win something this round, do not worry! I am actually getting close to doing a 5K follower giveaway, so you will have a chance again then!

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